These are a few comments from our customers.. 
Nicola Fellingham
“Thank you so much. Super excited
I never take my necklace off and get so many compliments! xxxxx” 

Lauren Smith
“Now, all 5 of us have a special sterling silver sixpence
They are so unique, we love the memories attached to them and people comment on them constantly!
I continue to recommend you and your work to many people all over the world, as i truly adore your designs!
keep up the good work Emily
L xxx”
Pamela Joyner
“Love my EMH double sixpence necklace I wear it everyday and it goes with everything”
Melissa Sowiak
“Here is me and my EMH sixpence necklace at a farm park in Durham!
I bought myself this necklace for my birthday in August and haven’t took it off once! I LOVE it! X x Thanks x x”
Paige Stubley
“Me opening up my necklaces for me and my sisters!!!!”

Linda O’Hara
“Lovin my gold double sixpence necklace! A bracelet to match would be fabulous!xxx”
Naomi Gibson
“So this is my beautiful piece of yours. I simply adore it. Gifted to me from my munchkins (these are their hands) I love that there are two coins to represent my both of my children. Thank you, I will cherish it forever x”
Jennifer Cordell
“I feel incomplete without it & its become part of me (& my instagram blog @cordelia_hearts where everybody asks about it!!) I hope you like my photo and caption.. please let me know if I can enter more than once.
‘My style changes, my hair changes, my mood changes, my filter changes, my life changes…But my necklace forever remains the same.'”
Katie Dunning
Katie and her son wearing her Emily Margaret Hill necklace!
Heide Darling
“I wanted a special ring- one with a personal message inscription. Being an artist/maker I felt words were not enough I wanted my own maker’s mark too! Emily Margaret Hill Jewellery achieved this for me; exceeding not only my expectations but my partner’s too… 
so much so he surprised me with apromise ring response made by EMHJ that is equally beautiful and special. I believe EMHJ can not 
only do any custom order but can consistently do any customer order… we will ask her to make our wedding rings!