About Us

Emily Margaret Hill Jewellery was founded in 2011 out of a love for all things Victorian...

We here are inspired by the deep attachment the Victorians held for objects, in remembering a special moment be it birth, love, marriage or death. A fascination with mourning jewellery and the idea of the cabinet of curiosity or 'Wunderkammer' is evident through an undercurrent of our work. 

Our aim is to produce keepsakes and heirloom pieces that hold sentimentality with an air of superstition or luck.

We use precious metals, mostly silver and hard gold plating to produce our pieces and all our jewellery is hand-made to order by our small team in our workshop in Lincolnshire.                                                                                

Feel free to get in touch if you like our work. Each carefully hand-crafted piece can be made to order with personal detailing, or chosen from the current collections available.

Wholesale prices on request.